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Whatley Law Firm is a divorce and family law firm in Martinez, California serving Contra Costa County. We are dedicated to providing a gentle transition for families who are undergoing legal and personal changes. We work to deliver real and relevant solutions for your family, so that you can remove the focus from your problems and begin to create a life that reflects the needs of the people for whom you care. We are the Family Law/Divorce Law firm that considers your best interests first.  


"I wanted to thank you for all the help and support provided during my divorce process, you guys made the burden lighter"  -A client in Pinole, CA - February 2, 2017


"You are not only great professionals, but wonderful people.  Always giving me the best you could in the terrible moments I went through.  God bless you all!!!"  - May 10, 2016


"Thank you so much for your help, your team is outstanding"  - A client in Bakersfield, CA - March 1, 2016


"Thank you again for continuously work hard on this case.  I appreciate it more than you ever known."  - A client in San Ramon, CA  - February 18, 2016


"Thank you!  So glad I can put all this behind me!  You guys have been great :)"  -A client in Benicia, CA - February 17, 2016 


"I can't thank you enough Anne.  You made a seemingly impossible uphill battle possible."  - A client in Pittsburg, CA - December 31, 2015


"I keep thinking of you and realize just how lucky I was to find you and the Whatley law team.  Anne was and is just the best!!" - A client in Richmond, CA - September 24, 2015


"Thank you for your continued professionalism and cooperation on this matter.  You, and your office have been a pleasure to work with."  - A client in Martinez, CA - March 23, 2015


"I just wanted to take a moment to truly thank you for EVERYTHING.  I knew during our first meeting that we would accomplish every goal.  These last few months have been a whirlwind of crazy events and you've helped me through all of it.  I have great comfort knowing the law is on my side and I have the girls at Whatley Law to back me up!  Thank you so much.  You've been such a blessing in our lives and we plan on stopping in soon for a visit!"  - A client in Martinez, CA - January 6, 2015


"Thank you for being tough for me today.  You emulated my feelings in the court room and with the current situation with xx, I appreciate that." - A client in Southern California - September 5, 2014


"Thank you very much, it has been a long road as you know!  Thank you to Whatley Law Firm for helping me meander this difficult process." - A client in Midland, MI - July 10, 2014


"Thank you for working me through the divorce and custody process.  I really appreciate your advice and am happy with the resulting orders.  Getting the kids more than twice what I have today is a huge accomplishment.  The final agreement was difficult...but you helped sort it out to get the best possible outcome for me."  - A client in Antelope, CA - June 17, 2014


"Thank you for pushing your schedule aside today and helping me with my Income and Expense Declaration and Response. You are truly a savior and worked with great speed! I so appreciate the help and just wanted to be sure to express my thanks for your help." - A client in Martinez, CA.


"Anne, I wanted to thank you and Alice for doing such a great job in making an awkward somewhat uncomfortable situation better.  I again want to compliment you and your staff on your immediate response, attention to detail and professionalism." - A client in Brentwood, CA


"Anne - thank you for all your help and support. Can't believe it's finally over. Bet you're glad. What a long road. I can finally move on." - A client in Concord, CA.


"I'd like to reiterate how much I appreciate your patience, diligence, and understanding as we've worked through this process. You have been exceedingly helpful and professional, and your work as an intermediary and translator is certainly a significant factor in how quickly we have moved and how relatively painless the process has been." - An opposing party, Martinez, CA


"I am happy with your work. Now I can sleep at night knowing you brought my issues to the table once again. Deaf ears, don't matter. I leave the rest to God."  - A client in Moraga, CA.


"I wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for all of your assistance with my case. I know that you have put a lot of thought and consideration into it. It has been a very stressful time and I'm sure that (we) haven't always been the easiest to deal with. As time goes, I am becoming more and more aware of the "process" that I need to go through to get everything I want. I can see that slowly, but surely, I have been working my way back to where I want to be. The journey is not quite over, but I can see that the end is near and I'm headed in the right direction." - A client in Walnut Creek, CA


"I am having a wonderful time with my boys right now, I want to thank you guys again for everything!" - A client in Whitethorn, CA


"Thank you for rushing around last Friday to get this completed for us. I am grateful." - A client in Martinez, CA


"As always a huge thanks to you and Anne for a job well done. I appreciate the guidance and friendship you have given throughout this process." - A client in Danville, CA


"Thanks to all the wonderful staff for everything." - A client in Hercules, CA


In reference to the divorce: "All in all it took less than one year. Thanks for everything!!" - A client in Pleasant Hill, CA


"I was referred to Anne by a coworker of mine that had used her services for his divorce and was pleased with the outcome. At our initial consultation Anne was very upfront about her services and the importance of reaching agreements if possible early on to settle disputes. While she impressed upon me the importance of settling, I had expected that there may be no little bit of conflict driven by the other party in my case.. Anne impressed me as being a strong advocate of her client's rights.  I was not disappointed.  My case rapidly deteriorated into a series of unreasonable demands in the marital settlement agreement and custody agreement.  While Anne was able to quickly negotiate an acceptable MSA the other party seemed never to be satisfied and continually sought to manipulate situations through threats and changes in child custody. This eventually culminated in multiple felonies by the other party directed at our child and me. Anne provided great legal support  through what was admittedly a unusual and highly stressed set of circumstances.  I would not hesitate to recommend her services." - A client in Sacramento, CA


"Thanks sooooo much for all your help. You all have been very supportive. I would recommend your services to anyone! Thanks again!" and "I want to thank you for your wonderful service. You made a very difficult time in my life much easier." - A client in Oakley, CA


"Thanks so much!!! You and your staff are AWESOME!!!" - A client in Rodeo, CA


I just cannot thank you ALL for your awesome help and the most important....your personal support too, just meant the world to me.  Every one of you helped put me at ease and I know that is a tough one to do. Your firm is just so heartfelt and non-judgmental, I cannot keep thinking how lucky I was to find you. All my best to you and again THANK YOU!!!" - A client in Richmond, CA


I can't believe it's taken me a year to write to you, but I have been wanting to thank you for your help with my case.  We are doing much better now, and most importantly our daughter is doing much better.                ...I just wanted you to know that with your help, we are all doing much better! -- A client in El Cerrito, CA


To protect our clients' privacy, we do not disclose their names with their comments.


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